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My name is Jessica and I created Thimble Thistle from my love of embroidery and making things by hand. The miniature pendants are special to me because they are handmade and also represent something personal to the wearer.  

My inspiration comes from art history, nature and animals. Art has always been a passion of mine and I love the creative process and learning new things. My background as a painter, working on a larger scale for a number of years inspired me to challenge myself working in a miniature scale and in a new medium of embroidery.  I render each brushstroke with a needle and thread with just enough detail to capture the essence of each subject. I have always admired how masters such as Van Gogh challenged conventional norms of painting with their interpretive style. As such I sometimes  choose  to re-interpret these well known images and others of my own creation.

I love doing custom work because it is always new. Making something personal for someone by hand that takes hours is rewarding for me. I have always loved creating things but I am happiest when someone loves what I have made.